Organic Pasture-Raised Chicken, turkey, and Bone Broth

What makes pastured poultry special? Unlike industrial chicken farms (think grocery store chicken), Grateful Pastures chickens live in mobile shelters outside. They are moved to fresh pasture every single day. They see sunshine, but are sheltered from the elements. They are able to forage for grass, seeds, and insects like nature intended. This system is not only the most humane way of raising chickens for meat,  it also regenerates the soil. Because the birds are moved to fresh pasture each day, they leave behind a very thin layer of manure, naturally fertilizing the pasture as they go. 


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bone broth

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Freedom Farmers Market

Every Saturday

9AM- Noon (check for seasonal times)

Atlanta, GA

Morningside Farmers Market

Every Saturday

8am-11:30am (check for seasonal times)

Atlanta, GA

Peachtree Road Farmers Market

Every Saturday during Season

8:30am- Noon (check for seasonal times)

Atlanta, GA


We started our farm from the ground up. We began on a small tract of leased land and have since moved to a 25 acre tract that we own. Click here to meet us and learn our story.