Tatsoi is an Asian green in the mustard family. It is very mild in flavor and can be enjoyed raw or braised lightly with olive oil, garlic, and salt.
Personally, I’m quite excited to be growing tatsoi this season. It is one of my favorite greens, but I’ve never grown it on a farm scale before. In fact, the last time I grew tatsoi was in a tiny 6ft x 6ft bed beside my house when I lived in a neighborhood in 2013… before I ever even dreamed of becoming a farmer! It was one of five greens in a mixed greens seed packet, and by far my favorite one in the mix. So, when planning my winter crops this year I figured we’d give it a try!
If you’re a fan of salad mixes and braising mixes, chances are you’ve had tatsoi with or without knowing it. If you want to try tatsoi on its own and get the full tatsoi experience, drop by our booth at Freedom or Morningside tomorrow and pick some up!
-Shaun Terry

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