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Grateful Pastures is owned and operated by the Terry Family. In 2015, Shaun (the farmer) quit his job as a Financial Adviser to start a chicken farm! He saw that there were no sustainable, healthy chicken options in the marketplace. He knew that in order to see a change, he had to get the ball rolling. His wife, then working as a teacher, is an avid animal lover.  After researching and learning about the atrocities of industrial chicken farming, she was on board with starting the farm to provide a better option for people who want to eat meat but don’t want to contribute to the torture of animals. Our first season, we began on leased land with only a few hundred birds. Since then we’ve done a lot of learning, sweating, and growing.  We now raise over 5,000 birds per year, serving the Atlanta area in three farmers markets. In the meantime, our family has grown as well. We now have a little boy, Jackson, and a little girl, Lilah.  We are incredibly grateful for and humbled by all of the people who have made such an effort to procure our products over the years.  We are also extremely excited about the future of regenerative agriculture in our region and on Earth! 

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